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Use Case DC4 - Ecologist Mine Studies

by clagoze last modified Nov 17, 2010 12:38 PM

  • Goal
    • document the long-term consequences of mining
  • Summary
    • Olga studies the recovery of ecosystems in abandoned mine lands in Appalachia. She has 30 years of data that she has collected herself.  Every 5-10 years she publishes a long summary paper about her study site.  Her data are kept in a relational database that is not web accessible.  In the past she has shared her data with students and close colleagues only.  She is reluctant to share her data, which is now extremely valuable and has earned her several research grants.  She might be persuaded to share parts of her data set if she had control over who used her data and was included as an author in any subsequent publications.  Olga realizes that her species observations would be valuable for researchers outside her field (and thus not her competitors) and would be willing to upload the data if it could be done with minimal time investment.  However, she is not a taxonomist, so some of the names she uses might be out of date.

  • Queries

  • Operations/Tasks

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