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Use case 5 - Phenotypic plasticity

by hlapp last modified Dec 28, 2010 01:12 PM

    Use Case 5: Phenotypic plasticity

    • Goal

    • Summary
      • Phenotypic plasticity is a common response to environmental variation.  Scientists often experimentally manipulate various environmental factors and describe the resulting phenotypes.  These data can be used in predicting how changes in environment may affect phenotype.
    • Queries
      • A scientist wants to know whether kelp blade and bladder phenotypes [in some location] are related to environmental factors such as water flow and light level.  Another scientist on the project is interested in the impact of increasing flow and decreasing light levels (as predicted by global warming) as it pertains to the total photosynthetic area of kelp (determined by the kelp phenotype). 
    • Operations/Tasks

    • Data sets and associated metadata

    • Metrics of completion/success

    • Ontologies
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