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Use Case 1a: Nitrogen Input

by jones last modified Jul 06, 2012 03:34 PM

Use Case 1: Estimate Nitrogen Input from oceanic and terrestrial sources to Kelp forest systems for Pacific Coast

  • Goal
    • Discover data that quantifies sources of Nitrogen in various kelp systems
    • Calculate nitrogen input from various sources to be used in a budget for the system
  • Summary
    • Nitrogen is delivered to kelp systems from two major sources, the ocean and terrestrial streams. The nitrogen available from sources will be a function of the concentration in water (total of several constituents) and delivery rate. Delivery rate from terrestrial sources is expressed as stream or river discharge. Delivery from oceanic sources is based on the current speed.
  • Queries
    • Find distribution X of kelp beds on Pacific coast
    • Find data that quantifies nitrogen inputs from terrestrial sources into X as moles nitrogen per minute at creek mouth
      • Stream output of water
      • nitrogen content of water
    • Find data that quantifies nitrogen inputs from oceanic sources into X
      •  speed of water moving into the kelp forest
      • nitrogen content of water
  • Operations/Tasks
    • Integrate stream output data accounting for protocol differences in sampling regime at stream mouths
      • Determine if given data source can be used in particular method for estimating Nitrogen
      • Transform data for use in particular model to calculate Nitrogen
  • Data sets and associated metadata
    • Satellite data
      • color -- biomass
        • Unknown
      • kelp distribution and biomass
        • Pt Conception to Baja Calif: from SBC LTER (available early 2011)
      • surface temperature
        • Unknown
    • Data on nitrogen concentration (two major forms: nitrate, ammonium).
      • Observations (e.g., water bottle samples from cruises, and stream water)
        • Nitrate and Ammonium in Santa Barbara County streams (SBC LTER)
        • Site name
          Metadata URL
          Data URL
          See site column

        • Nitrate and Ammonium in coastal ocean water (SBC LTER)
        • Site name
          Metadata URL
          Data URL
          (see site column)

      • Instrument measurements of Nitrogen
        • TBD
      • Modeled: nitrogen estimate based on models of nitrogen:temperature relationship
        • unknown, or TBD
    • Data on delivery rate
      • Discharge at the mouth of 8 streams emptying into the Santa Barbara Channel (SBC LTER)
    • Site name
      Metadata URL
      Data URL
        Arroyo Burro Creek
       Carpinteria Creek
       Devereau Creek
       Gaviota Creek
       Arroyo Hondo Creek
       Mission Creek
       Refugio Creek
       Rincon Creek

      • current speed near reefs in Santa Barbara Channel (SBC LTER)
        Site name Metadata URL
        Data URL
        Naples Reef
        Arroyo Burro Reef
        Carpinteria Reef
        Arroyo Quemado Reef
        Mohawk Reef

  • Metrics of completion/success
  • Ontologies
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