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Use Case 2: Ocean Data

by jones last modified Oct 25, 2010 11:34 AM

Use Case 4: Oceanography (for calibration purposes)

  • Goal
  • Summary
    • User would like to get data from different platforms to compare different measurements on an area and time of interest. For example, to cross-calibrate instruments.
  • Queries: User requests data constrained by  parameter (e.g. sea Temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen), time (start, end), geographic location (latitude / long bounding box), depth (min, max), procedure and event of interest. Procedures can be platforms, such as fixed platform (e.g. mooring),  a mobile platform (autonomous underwater vehicle ) and a remote platform (e.g. satellite). Procedures can also be a survey (such as a dive expedition). Event of interest is related to values of parameters. For example favorable upwelling conditions (winds at mooring SE at more than 5 m/s).
  • Operations/Tasks

  • Data sets and associated metadata:
    • Mooring data in the Monterey Bay for water temperature via SOS getObservation response. ( includes metadata and data). More examples at the NDBC web site.
    • Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) 2009 missions from MBARI in NetCDF. Includes values for temperature, depth oxygen, nitrate, etc..
    • Sea Surface Temperature (SST) from NOAA satellites available at Coastwatch. More here.
    • Dive expeditions. Data link to be added.
  • Integration tasks: Display data from these different platform at the same time. Find when they overlap using radius of 5 KM and time < 4 hours, and depth < 10 m).
  • Metrics of completion/success

  • Ontologies


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