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Use Case DC2 - Mammomolgist specializing in bears

by clagoze last modified Nov 17, 2010 12:17 PM

  • Goal
    • How will climate change affect bear populations?
  • Summary
    • Sun has spent her entire career studying bears in their natural habitat.  Her research team goes into the field with a notebook, camera, simple instruments and sample containers.  They tranquilize and tag bears before collecting data about individuals such as age, weight and sex.  They also collect data about entire bear populations by taking a census, collecting feces and monitoring carcasses.  Many of her research subjects are radio collared, giving her a lat/long as often as every 10 minutes.  Much of these data are recorded in a notebook and later copied onto a spreadsheet.  Sun is interested in finding additional types of data that correspond to the location of bear populations and additional bear data so she can put her current study into perspective.  She is hesitant to share her geolocated data because she works with endangered species.

  • Queries
    • Aggregate data about a species using a name even though there are multiple names for a species
    • query the locations of a particular species of bear in relation to temperature and precipitation
  • Operations/Tasks
      • Storing observation data, transferred from spreadsheets and maintaining informal annotations and notes. (maintain linkage between data and field notes)
      • maintain data about specific organism (bear) tied to a specific observation
  • Data sets and associated metadata

  • Metrics of completion/success
    • granular privacy settings to keep sensitive data hidden (bear den locations)
    • ability to accommodate data at multiple scales - individuals and populations
  • Ontologies
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