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Use Case 1c: El Niño Effect

by jones last modified Apr 19, 2011 03:04 PM

Use Case 3: Predict effects of El Nino on Nitrogen Budget for Kelp forest systems for Pacific Coast

  • Goal
    • Then predict nitrogen in Kelp in El Nino vs non-El Nino years (requires integration across data sources)
  • Summary
    • El Nino is a regional climate phenomenon which affects weather patterns in areas where kelp forests are found, e.g., the coast of California. Some effects observed during El Nino events include: increased rainfall and stream flow, decreased oceanic upwelling, shifting of oceanic current patterns. Consequently, the terrestrial and oceanic contributions of nitrogen to the kelp forest may change (use case 1), and thus the inputs to the nitrogen budget in use case 2. Additionally, winter storms during El Nino events may be stronger than average which can result in the removal of kelp plants, ie, a major sink in the nitrogen budget (use case 2).
  • Queries
    • data describing an index for historical occurrences of El Nino conditions

  • Operations/Tasks
    • Integrate nitrogen budget results to time scale of El Nino index

  • Data sets and associated metadata
    • data which define El Nino state
      • Precipitation may be indicative of El Nino state. This dataset shows daily total recorded at UCSB 1951-2009
      • Site Metadata Data
        UCSB 200

  • Metrics of completion/success
  • Ontologies:


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