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Observations Catalog Working Group

by bowers last modified Oct 06, 2009 04:38 PM

This SONet working group focuses on defining catalogs of common observation types for use in annotating and searching for data sets


The primary goals of this working group are to 

  1. Identify a diverse corpus of observation and measurement types used in existing data sets and repositories
  2. Create a catalog of these types using the SONet core observations data model

Initial work will focus on collecting a wide range examples and use cases for use by other working groups. These use cases will span multiple scientific disciplines and data repositories. The subgroup will then use the core observations model produced by Subgroup 1 to define an open and shared catalog of common observation types. This catalog will serve both as a set of examples for the demonstration projects of Subgroup 4 (see below) and will be made available through the Network’s website for use by other projects (e.g., by providing a set of “standard” observation types that can be reused for describing and documenting data). The participants of this subgroup will include domain scientists and data managers that have experience with data from a diverse set of disciplines.

Working Group Members

  • Corinna Gries, NTL/LTER, U Wisc
  • Luis Bermudez, SURA
  • ...

Collaboration Tools

Technical Documents

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Systems and Prototypes

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